Monday, 17 October 2016

Myprotein Muffin Mix Review

I love cake. So when I saw Myprotein do a protein muffin mix, it's fair to say I was pretty interested. The tastiness of a muffin with a lot less sin and lot more protein sounded too good to be true, so I bought a bag and tested it for myself.

Each muffin should total out at about 36g of protein if you follow their instructions which is a pretty big amount of protein stuffed into these little treats. However as much as I do want to reach my goals and fit my macros each day, I do also want to do it by enjoying the foods that I eat and I'm not going to eat something if it is rank purely for the nutritonal benefits.

And sadly, I'm just not impressed by these. I'm all for a bit of sweetness but the artifical sweetness of this was just hideous! They smell and look the part but I just can't convince myself to eat these which is a shame.

Bottom line, if you're serious about gains and are happy to just chuck something back to help with your progress, then you can probably stomach these. But, if you were looking for something to have with your cup of tea or to bring in a lunchbox for when the sugar monster hits, then I'd say these probably aren't for you.


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